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PT Skills offers game changing personal training courses. No matter what stage you’re at in your career. We have a course offer for everyone. Whether you’re just leaving uni or finishing college or considering a career change, PT Skills is where you start your fitness career.
Whatever your chosen path, it all starts with gaining great qualifications and great experiences. If you have decided to become a personal trainer and the next best talent in the fitness industry, we want to work with you.

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3 Flexible payment and study options to choose from.

Fundamental Trainer


Essentials Trainer


Specialist Trainer




PT Skills educate the best industry talent. Our courses are designed by a leading awarding body and accredited by CIMPSA
who are developing the future of the fitness industry.

Every talented professional in any industry had to start somewhere. Planning your chosen career starts with finding the right education. Our courses are aimed at the next best talent in the fitness industry.

Education is transformative and powerful. Our courses enhance our students on course success to graduate and grow into the industry’s best talent.

We encourage our students to become successful trainers; to have fun along the way, practice their skills, challenge their limits, and be truly unique in the fitness industry.

We don’t just deliver online personal training courses. Our personal training courses are blended learning programmes. We
provide a unique balance of home study and practical coaching.

Our teaching is supported by online study; practical training, webinars, support groups, revision workshops, and personal tutors. We are coaches and our students become successful personal trainers by developing their coaching skills together on live training days to practice their skills.

Our students have the opportunity to work with industry leading gym operators or grow their own online fitness business. Whatever your chosen path, it all starts with gaining the right qualifications and experience. If you’ve decided to become a personal trainer and the next best talent in the fitness industry, we want to work with you.

Live Training
Online Study
Personal Tutor
Exam Support


What to Expect from a Personal Training Course.

Starting a new course can be both scary and exciting, especially if it has been while since you last studied.

Our blended course options are skilfully designed for working professionals and people requiring a flexible approach to study.
Balance a mix of home learning and attendance on practical and revision workshops to help enhance your learning and coaching skills.

Once enrolled your tutor will be in touch to help set up a study plan before arranging attendance on practical and revision workshops.
The practical workshops will enhance your skills in exercise coaching; program writing, planning exercise, goal setting, motivating
members, communication, and collecting client information.

Active IQ our awarding body provide our cutting edge virtual learning environment, and where you will find your modules;
teaching materials, reading lists, and assessment information.

Support to Help you Learn

Struggle with revision? We will help you get to grips with preparing for multiple choice theory exams through a range of revision hacks on the workshops.

Our blended personal training courses give students the opportunity to work with fellow students; participate in study groups, improve their practical skills, and learn from experienced industry trainers while they complete their personal trainer qualification.

Each unit of your personal training course is designed to help you achieve personal records with your grades. Using a range of interactive resources your personal training course will include group discussions; reflective practice, coursework, quizzes, group presentations, and practical demonstrations.

Managing Your Time

Like all students, you will need to manage your time so you don’t miss deadlines. While studying our personal training courses you will need to allocate a minimum of 10 hours a week to complete each unit. While you study you’ll also need to hit the gym and practice for at least 4 hours a week. Students who do this, stay on top of their lifestyle commitments, achieve PB records in the gym, and with their grades.

Stretch Your Limits

Whatever your background is, we want to help you become the best personal trainer you can be. If you already have some qualifications in sport and exercise then let us know, they may count towards your qualification and allow us to adjust the time it will take to complete your qualification. If you’re totally new to the industry, then let us guide you through the process. Whether personal training is your first career choice or a new move, we have the right personal training courses to give you the tools for a successful career as a fitness professional.

Combined Personal Training Course

Our personal training courses include the level 2 fitness instructor course and the level 3 personal trainer course. To achieve your qualification you will need to complete both elements of the course.

Skills You will Learn

  • Health & safety in the fitness environment.
  • Behaviour change for fitness.
  • Supporting clients with health & fitness.
  • Anatomy for exercise, fitness and health.
  • Principles of Nutrition and their application to exercise and health.
  • Planning personal training with clients.
  • Program design and delivering personal training sessions.




  • Learn core kettlebell exercises to excite your members and clients.


  • You will learn how to deliver exciting group training formats.


  • Discover suspended movement exercises to challenge your clients.

Studio Cycling

  • Become a leading group cycle trainer with this popular group format.



We offer more than just personal training courses, to help you with your chosen fitness career. We offer valuable, impartial and confidential career advice. You can choose to access our careers team as much as you need during your course and once you graduate.

The fitness industry has a number of personal training career routes, if you know your chosen option or you’re still deciding, we’re here to help. We will help you plan your career, work with you on your job search, and advise you on future study options.


First impressions count when you meet someone for the first time. This same rule applies to job applications. We will help you create a remarkable first impression online; in person, and on paper. We’ll help you collate your experiences; previous employment, contributions you’ve made, and the skills you’ve gained as a result.

Our careers team will provide essential support and resources on CV writing; cover letters, interview preparation, and developing an online presence.

Whatever your chosen path, it all starts with gaining great qualifications and great experience. If you’ve decided to become a personal trainer and the next best talent in the fitness industry, we want to work with you.


The proof is in the (low fat, nutrient rich) education. We have one of the highest success rates of any training provider in the country, and successful students make a successful industry which transforms the health and fitness of people all over the world.

Seeing our students grow by taking on game changing education and work placements makes us proud to be training the industry’s best talent. We want everyone who trains with us to have the best opportunities available.


Our students have access to industry leading gym operators. To become a personal trainer you need to invest in your education and your experience. Our network of leading gym operators provide unique opportunities for students to complete work placements as part of their personal training courses.

Placement are optional for students to combine their education and begin to build industry contacts and experience to get ahead. Placements will challenge your limits; expose you to live gym environments, lead group HIIT classes, inductions, and how to run the day to day operations of a commercial gym.


Combining education and experience will build your professional coaching skills as a personal trainer. The leading performers in any industry are the ones who put the time in and grind out the reps to become real experts in their fields.

Becoming a game changing personal trainer starts with putting in the reps and growing your skills.


What our students have to say

So we can offer the best fitness education in the industry, we gain feedback on every part of our business.
See what our current students and graduates have to say about our personal training courses.

You can see all our reviews here.

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